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Free Library

case studies, videos and articles (white papers)

The Market Organization
a compelling way to think about organizations

Free Library: The Business-within-a-business Paradigm

Vision, transformation, and organizational strategy
how to develop your transformation road-map

Free Library: Vision, Transformation, and Organizational Strategy

"This web site is a real wealth of information.
Thank you for providing such an excellent resource."
Pat Beach
Director of IT, SRC Inc.

Organizational structure
the organization chart and cross-boundary workflows

Free Library: Organizational Structure

The "internal economy": market-based resource-governance processes
budgeting, demand management, resource-governance processes, cost management

Free Library: The "Internal Economy": Market-based Resource-governance Processes

rapid change based on a behavioral (not values) approach

Free Library: Culture

Metrics and rewards
performance metrics, rewards (consequences), benchmarks, and dashboards

Free Library: Metrics and Rewards

Decentralization, shared services
the tension between decentralization versus shared services

Free Library: Decentralization, Shared Services

"Dean writes small books with big ideas."
Loren G. Carlson
Chairman, CEO Roundtable

Outsourcing, cloud
the best way to utilize vendors without giving up control

Free Library: Outsourcing, Cloud

Business planning, innovation
business strategy (as distinct from organizational strategy)

Free Library: Business Planning, Innovation

Governance and oversight, committees, compliance
challenging conventional wisdom and suggesting an empowered approach

Free Library: Governance and Oversight, Committees, Compliance

Strategic value of IT
what the 'strategic value of IT' really means, what it takes to build clients' perception of IT's value

Free Library: Strategic Value of IT

"Dean, thank you for making these resources available! I'm amazed at the library you made available for free. It's now bookmarked."
Alan Payne
Navy Federal Credit Union

Agility, project management, ERP
teamwork, the project-management office (PMO), and managing mega-projects like ERP implementations

Free Library: Project Management, ERP

Best practices, ITIL, Lean+Six Sigma
the appropriate use of these external bodies of knowledge

Free Library: Best Practices, ITIL, Lean+Six Sigma

opportunities to develop your career

Free Library: Leadership Development and Coaching


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