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Speech Abstracts: N. Dean Meyer

organizational structure, budgeting and resource governance, corporate culture, transformation planning, and IT value

Dean Meyer is passionate about his work, and that passion comes across in his public appearances.

"Dean talks with great clarity, lots of substance,
and his passion for the subject comes through."
Dan Thatte
CIO, Lifetime Television

Meyer is also content-rich. His work is based on solid science, in-situ research, and years of practical experience.

Many liken Meyer's seminars to "taking a drink from a fire hydrant." Your attendees will get their money's worth!

Meyer's speeches and workshops are well grounded, high bandwidth, insightful, provocative, and directly applicable to executives' tough leadership challenges.

Beyond that, many would say his vision is inspiring.

Abstracts and content can be tailored to your audience. And any of the following topics can be presented in a variety of forms, with the length of the session tailored to your agenda, from 45 minutes to an all-day workshop.

"A definite 'ah ha!' event."
Karen Holcomb
Director, Corporate Operations, US Navy Aircraft Division

Vision, transformation, organizational strategy

Organizational Strategy Before Business Strategy

Organizational structure

Speech Abstracts: Organizational Structure

Resource-governance processes based on internal market economics

Speech Abstracts: Internal Market Economics

Organizational culture: rapid change based on a behavioral approach

Speech Abstracts: Organizational Culture

Information technology (IT)
levels of strategic value, including digital business

Speech Abstracts: The Strategic Value of Information Technology (IT)


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