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Case Studies: Organizational Transformation

examples of organizational transformations based on the Market Organization

Executive Coaching

Case Study: Job Entry Strategy: How a Transformational Leader Approaches the First 90 Days
In my first 90 days, I listened; then instead of reacting to problems, I developed an organizational strategy.
by Preston T. Simons (2018)

Organizational Strategy and Transformation

Case Study: Don't Just Fix It! Build an Organization that Fixes It
My job is to develop an organization that can solve problems and deliver outstanding results, with or without me.
by Preston T. Simons (2018)

Case study: transforming a Human Resources department
what it felt like to go through the process of developing a vision and transformation road-map

Case Study: Journey to the IT Promised Land
how one CIO's budgeting blues led to an organizational revamp at the Assemblies of God
by Alice Dragoon

Organizational Structure

"NDMA provided a well-thought-out philosophy of organizational structure, and a practical process for implementing that vision."
David A. Hall
CIO, Corning Telecommunications Products Division

Case Study: A CEO Who Has Applied the Principles of Structure
by Sergio Paiz, CEO, PDC

Case Study: From Venture to Growth Company
by Jessica Rovello, CEO, Arkadium

Case Study: Transformational Organizational Structure
how restructuring IT led to breakthrough performance and value
by Dr. Bryson Payne, CIO, North Georgia College & State University

Case Study: Building a High-performance IS Team at Sonoco Products Company
building a high-performance IS team
by Bernie Campbell, VP, Information Systems, Sonoco Products Company

Case Study: Restructuring a Large IT Organization
theory, model, process, and initial results
by Mark Luker and Tad Pinkerton, University of Wisconsin Madison, Educause, Summer, 1995

Resource-governance Processes

Video Case Study: The C-level View of Budgeting: Facts and Politics
from the C-suite perspective, how investment-based budgeting not only changed the financials; it changed the relationships between IT and the entire corporation's executive leadership team (30 min)

Video Case Study: Service Costing and Investment-based Budgeting
State of Montana IT shares its reasons, implementation experiences, and results (30 min)

Download Audio Case Study Audio Case Study: Selling a Transparent Budget Is Easy
State of Montana IT finds ready acceptance at every level for its investment-based budget. (15 min)

Video Case Study: How to Run IT as a Business
Georgia State University CIO describes the impacts on client relationships and internal entrepreneurship (17 min)

Case Study: From Adversaries to Advocates
Georgia State University IT describes how budgeting and product/service costing improved relationships between IT and its clients at Georgia State University. (2009)

Case Study: We've Already Got Budget Spreadsheets, Don't We?
Sonoco Products Co. discovered the value of a fully developed budgeting and product/service costing tool. (2009)

Case Study: Can You Really Know Your Full Cost of Service?
how one CIO justified new rates and clarified the value of IT to clients
at Riverside County, CA. (2007)

Case Study: Cost Transparency Enables Strategic Cost Cutting
Riverside County IT cut costs without risking the whole business. (2009)

Case Study: Developing Leaders' Business Acumen
how a new budget process turned into Entrepreneurship 101
at the University of Maine. (2008)

Case Study: Re-inventing the Budget Process
the cost of success: interviews with CIOs on the benefits of budgeting for products/services. (pre-2008)


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