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NDMA Fees and Terms

NDMA is open and transparent about its rates, and adheres to a strict ethic: We never charge two clients different amounts for the same service.

Dean Meyer's consulting fees:

Discounted rate at NDMA (or within commuting range such that an overnight stay is not required):
(This rate also applies to telephone consultations, webinars, and office work.)
US$4500 per day, or
US$750 per hour (whichever is less).
Standard rate: at a location where Consultant can depart at the end of the last day and arrive in New York prior to 9pm:
(This rate generally requires departure by mid-afternoon on the last day of each visit.)
US$5000 per day.
Extended travel rate: at a location where Consultant must use the following day for travel:
(This rate applies to all consulting days at that location, not just the last day.)
US$6500 per day.


Most clients are billed a location-specific fixed fee per trip and per day for all travel and incidentals.

However, if Consultant is exempted from any client travel policies, then we offer the option of billing direct expenses at actual cost, without markup.
(Expenses include ground transportation, business-class travel, meals, and tips.)


Since consulting dates are a "perishable commodity," any confirmed dates which are cancelled or rescheduled are subject to the following cancellation fees:

Notice Given Percent of fees

More than 30 days No charge
15 - 29 days 25%
0 - 14 days 100%

Cancellation fees apply to all professional fees that would otherwise have been charged for the cancelled/rescheduled days.

In addition, any expenses incurred which could not be recovered will be charged (e.g., airline change fees).

Terms of payment:

Invoices are issued after completion of the last visit within a calendar month. Payment terms are net 30 days from the issuance of each invoice, or 3 days when using a credit card. The late-payment penalty on all past-due balances will be billed at 1.5% per month from the date of issuance of the invoice.


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