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Use Cases: Organizational Transformation

leadership challenges and special situations where the Market Organization really pays off

don't just lead an innovative project or two; drive innovation into every corner of your organization

Organizational agility
agility is not an engineering method!

Digital business
what is it, and what's the role of a Chief Digital Officer?

Shared-services versus decentralization
overview of the trade-offs, and how to consolidate shared services

Merger/acquisition integration, shared-services consolidations
how to bring organizations together methodically, with full integration and maximum synergies

Multi-product, multi-geography, maximum synergies
optimizing synergies across product-line, functional, and geographic boundaries

how to design an organization that can scale without limits, from venture to multi-national

The founder bottleneck
as small companies grow, they often hit a ceiling where the founder is the constraint

Job entry strategy
think through your plan before day-1 in your new job, and position yourself as a transformational leader

you have two alternatives: human oversight, or systemic checks and balances

The proper roles of committees
committees need clear charters, and there are a limited number of appropriate types of committees


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