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Free Library: Strategic Value of IT

case studies, videos and articles (white papers) on what the 'strategic value of IT' really means, what it takes to build clients' perception of IT's value

Book: Information Edge

Analysis: staircase of the strategic value of technologies
the levels of strategic value of technologies

Analysis: Staircase of the Strategic Value of Technologies

Provocative essay: perception of value
do clients understand the value of what they get for their money?

Provocative Essay: Perception of Value

Provocative essay: do we need an IT department?
in the era of software-as-a-service and retail IT, what's the role of a central IT department?

Provocative Essay: Do We Need an IT Department?

Story: The Necessary Evil (May 2002)
Too busy keeping things running to focus on strategic challenges.

Role analysis: Business Relationship Managers
relationship managers are an essential element of a healthy IT function; but all too often, they fail to achieve their potential and create a new set of problems


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