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Nearby airports include New York Laguardia (1:15), JFK (1:45), Westchester White Plains (0:45), and Hartford Bradley (1:40). When visiting us, we'll be happy to assist in securing lodgings and ground transportation.

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Dean Meyer (pronounced "MY-er")       Biography...
Susan Rho (pronounced "row")


Mary E Boone: business relationship managers (BRM, aka internal sales) training and coaching

Business Relationship Managers and Engineers Boundary Workshop
a participative two-day workshop which develops a clear mutual understanding of the boundaries between internal sales (BRM) and IT developers

Business Relationship Managers Skills and Strategies Workshop
a workshop for internal sales (BRM) to develop a plan to build necessary skills and methods

Strategic Opportunity Discovery Method
practical training in the method of diagnosing clients strategic business needs for IT

Julio Zelaya: Compañero de idioma español, Centroamérica

Metodologia + Soluciones: Compañero de idioma español, Sudamérica

Roger Young: transition management training

Barbara Healy: leadership development, coaching, meeting facilitation, managing change

Essay: The Transitions ABCD framework
what we learn at each step in our careers N. Dean Meyer and Barbara Healy


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