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Free Library: Vision, Transformation, and Organizational Strategy

case studies, videos and articles (white papers) on how to develop your transformation road-map

Book: How Organizations Should Work

Executive summary: how to develop an effective vision statement
why most vision statements are of little value, and how to create a compelling leadership vision

Executive Summary: How to Develop an Effective Vision Statement

Samples: vision statements
examples of statements about the end-state organization

Samples: Vision Statements

Executive summary: organizational strategy -- your transformation road-map
build the "machine" capable of generating and delivering myriad business strategies

Executive Summary: Organizational Strategy -- Your Transformation Road-map

Executive summary: five organizational systems
the components of an organizational operating model

Executive Summary: Five Organizational Systems

Free interactive tool: symptoms-to-root-causes expert system
a tool to help you learn the skill of diagnosing the root causes of leadership concerns

Case study: Don't Just Fix It! Build an Organization that Fixes It
My job is to develop an organization that can solve problems and deliver outstanding results, with or without me.
by Preston T. Simons (2018)

Case study: transforming a Human Resources department
what it felt like to go through the process of developing a vision and transformation road-map

Case Study: Transforming a Human Resources Department

Case study: Journey to the IT Promised Land
how one CIO's budgeting blues led to an organizational revamp at the Assemblies of God
by Alice Dragoon

"Following the eras of hierarchical, matrix, and networked organizations, Meyer provides a welcome new perspective: the Market Organization. It's a comprehensive, modular business operating model, built on solid organizational principles. This experience-rich book provides a practical blueprint for organizational transformation, necessary to survive in the face of turbulence, complexity, and disruption."
Peter G. W. Keen, Professor (retired), Stanford, MIT, and Harvard

Use case: multi-product, multi-geography, maximum synergies
optimizing synergies across product-line, functional, and geographic boundaries

Use Case: Multi-product, Multi-geography, Maximum Synergies

Use case: the founder bottleneck
as small companies grow, they often hit a ceiling where the founder is the constraint

Use Case: The Founder Bottleneck

Provocative essay: mission-vision-values
there's a better way to describe what the organization is about, where it's going, and how it will behave

Provocative Essay: Mission-Vision-Values

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): organizational strategy and transformation planning

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Organizational Strategy and Transformation Planning


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