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NDMA Publications

books and monographs by N. Dean Meyer

"Dean's work is among my most referenced sources."
Troy DuMoulin
Vice President, Pink Elephant

Dean Meyer's publications break new ground in organizational theory, and yet still explain the practicalities of real-life challenges in straightforward, concise, accessible language.

Vision and Organizational Transformation

Book: How Organizations SHOULD Work

envisioning a high-performing organization made of a network of internal entrepreneurs

  • Case study in organizational transformation

  • Detailed vision of the end-state: a Market Organization

  • The mechanics needed to implement a transformation

  • Participative implementation processes

  • Perspectives on transformational leadership

  • Book summary

How Organizations Should Work

Book: How Organizations Should Work

"Dean's thinking represents a
truly profound and productive effort."
Tom Babington
CIO, Foster Farms

Organizational Structure and Cross-boundary Teamwork

Book: Principle-based Organizational Structure

a handbook to help you engineer entrepreneurial thinking and teamwork into organizations of any size

  • Seven fundamental principles of structure

  • Five internal lines of business in any organization

  • How to diagnose any organization chart

  • Common structures that are designed to fail

  • How to design a high-performance organization chart

  • How to develop dynamic cross-boundary teamwork

  • Participative implementation process

  • Leadership advice

Book: Principle-based Organizational Structure

Book: Principle-based Organizational Structure

Book: Decentralization

fantasies, failings, and fundamentals

  • Why people advocate decentralization (the benefits)

  • Analysis of the deownside of decentralization (the costs)

  • What a healthy shared-services organization looks like

  • How to consolidate shared services

  • If you must live with decentralization, how to ameliorate the downside

  • Key leadership decisions

Book: Decentralization

Book: Decentralization: Fantasies, Failings, and Fundamentals

Book: Outsourcing

the claims, the truth, and how to ensure that vendors work for your shareholders

  • Outsourcing claims versus realities

  • The real motives for outsourcing (benefits)

  • How to ensure that vendors work for your shareholders

  • How to avoid outsourcing being forced on you

Book: Outsourcing

Book: Outsourcing: how to make vendors work for your shareholders

"I've used one rule for years:
Everything that comes from Dean is worth reading."
Dr. Eugene Nizker
CIO, Custom House Global Foreign Exchange

Resource Governance Processes

Book: Internal Market Economics

practical resource-governance processes based on principles we all believe in

  • The concept of market economics inside organizations

  • Problems with traditional resource-governance approaches

  • How internal market economics works

  • Implications: cost control, downsizing, shared services, outsourcing, unfunded mandates, metrics

  • Summary of benefits

  • How to implement market-based resource-governance processes

  • Leadership advice

Book: Internal Market Economics

Book: Internal Market Economics

Monograph: Downsizing Without Destroying

how to trim what your organization does rather than destroy its ability to do anything at all

  • Two disastrous approaches to cutting costs

  • The fallacy of "do more with less"

  • Four rules of strategic cost cutting

  • The mechanics: how to go about cutting costs

Book: Downsizing Without Destroying

Monograph: Downsizing Without Destroying

"Dean takes esoteric concepts and
distills them down to what's practical.
And beyond ideas, he tells you how to implement them."
Bob Glorioso
President, Lava Plume Software

Organizational Culture

Monograph: Fast Track to Changing Corporate Culture

how to implement dramatic cultural change in less than a year

  • What is "culture"

  • The key to rapid culture change (the behavioral approach)

  • 13 Themes within a comprehensive culture

  • The rapid-change implementation process

  • Leadership advice

Book: Culture

Monograph: Fast Track to Changing Corporate Culture

Pocket Book: Meyer's Rules of Order

how to hold highly productive business meetings

  • Calling a meeting

  • Before the meeting

  • Starting a meeting

  • During the meeting

  • Making decisions

  • Ending the meeting

  • Missing a meeting

Book: Meyer's Rules of Order

Pocket Book: Meyer's Rules of Order

"Dean has always been amazing with the written word,
as well as thought leadership."
Dan Roberts
CEO, Ouellette & Associates

Strategic Value of Information Technologies (IT)

NDMA Publications: The Information Edge

how to discover opportunities, how to measure 'intangible' benefits, 60 case studies
co-authored with Mary E. Boone

  • The concept of value-added benefits

  • 60 cases, including: selling, marketing, operations, finance, people management, new product launches, negotiations

  • How to find strategic (digital business) opportunities for technologies

  • How to measure the so-called "intangible" benefits

Book: Information Edge

Book: The Information Edge

High-performance Thinking Software: HyPerform

a re-creation on Windows of the original high-performance thinking tool, Doug Engelbart's iconic "Augment" system, from the lab that invented the mouse and windowing

  • High-powered authorship tool from the labs that invented the mouse, windowing, hypertext, and more

  • Recreated in Windows

Software: HyPerform

High-performance Thinking Software: <I>HyPerform</I>


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