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Document your leadership vision, then transform your organization into it...

and leave the legacy of an organization that performs brilliantly now and long after you've moved on.

This website presents a new organizational operating model: the "Market Organization," where the hierarchy houses a network of empowered internal entrepreneurs -- a vision pioneered by N. Dean Meyer.

This organizational design resource library offers:
➢ an extensive free library of executive summaries, in-depth analyses, design principles, and change-management processes;
case studies and use cases;
books; and
coaching and consulting services (including free consultations for qualified executives).

This resource library can help you clarify and document your vision for your organization, and plan the systemic changes you'll make to create it.

Or if you're interested in implementing an organizational transformation, here's a potential path forward....

Here's an overview, and map of the key concepts:

Overview of Vision and Transformation Processes
(and of this organizational design resource library)
[Click on any bubble for an executive summary.]


How Organizations Should Work

A trans­for­ma­tion­al leader's hand­book, with:

  • A detailed vision (blueprint) of the end-state operating model -- to help you craft and communicate your own vision.

  • All the mechanics -- solid principles of design, and clear frameworks to help you design your organization in a fact-based manner.

  • Implementation processes -- participative processes that engage your leadership team in designing your organization.

  • A case study.

  • Use cases: innovation, digital business, scalability, global synergies, shared services, and acquisition integration.

  • A book summary (akin to Cliff's Notes®).

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