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Free Library: Leadership Development and Coaching

opportunities to develop your career

Dean Meyer

Executive summary: leadership versus management
the difference between working in the system, and working on the system

Executive Summary: Leadership versus Management

Case Study: Job Entry Strategy: How a Transformational Leader Approaches the First 90 Days
In my first 90 days, I listened; then instead of reacting to problems, I developed an organizational strategy.
by Preston T. Simons (2018)

The founder bottleneck
as small companies grow, they often hit a ceiling where the founder is the constraint

Essay: The Transitions ABCD framework
what we learn at each step in our careers
with Barbara Healy

Provocative essay: top management support
if you need it, you don't deserve it

Provocative Essay: Top Management Support

Video: Bookkeeping Made Simple
for executives who want a primer on accounts, debits/credits, and common accounting transactions (23 minute)


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