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Free Library: Project Management, ERP

case studies, videos and articles (white papers) on teamwork, the project-management office (PMO), and managing mega-projects like ERP implementations

How Organizations Should Work

Executive summary: how to induce high-performance cross-boundary teamwork
You can't specialize if you can't team! Here's how to build highly effective, dynamic processes of cross-boundary teamwork (workflows).

Use case: organizational agility
agility is not an engineering method!

Use Case: Organizational Agility

Provocative essay: project teamwork
it doesn't take a project management guru to manage complex projects

Role analysis: Project Management Office (PMO)
how to implement a PMO that helps everyone succeed

Provocative essay: ERP and Common Business Processes
motherhood and apple pie, or the evil empire?

Provocative Essay: ERP and Common Business Processes

Story: On the Defensive (Oct 2002)
Direct costs are only a portion of the real costs of projects.

Story: Troubles With Teamwork (May 2004)
How traditional budget processes undermine cross-boundary teamwork.


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