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Free Library: Best Practices, ITIL, Lean+Six Sigma

case studies, videos and articles (white papers) on the appropriate use of these external bodies of knowledge

How Organizations Should Work

Provocative essay: best practices
imitating others may actually do more harm than good

Provocative Essay: Best Practices

Executive summary: ITIL implementation
how to avoid the pitfalls in implementing best practices in service management

Executive Summary: ITIL Implementation

Provocative essay: Lean + Six Sigma
process-improvement methods that had best know their place

Provocative Essay: Lean + Six Sigma

Essay: ITIL: Demand Forecasting and Service-based Funding
demand management, service costing, and investment-based budgeting as a single integrated process.
with Troy duMoulin, VP of research, innovation, and product development, Pink Elephant

IT Service Management (ITIL) and internal market economics


Free library


Speech abstracts

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