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Free Library: Decentralization, Shared Services

case studies, videos and articles (white papers) on decentralization versus shared services

Book: Decentralization

Use case: shared services versus decentralization
quick overview of the trade-offs, and how to consolidate shared services

Use Case: Shared Services Versus Decentralization

Provocative essay: do we need an IT department?
in the era of software-as-a-service and retail IT, what's the role of a central IT department?

Provocative essay: dotted lines
how to coordinate a decentralized function without ineffective dotted lines

Provocative Essay: Dotted Lines

Use case: merger/acquisition integration, shared-services consolidations
how to bring organizations together quickly, with full integration and maximum synergies

Use Case: Merger/Acquisition Integration, Shared-services Consolidations

Executive summary: detailed benchmarks of a successful integration process
be clear on what you expect, and have every right to demand

Executive Summary: Detailed Benchmarks of a Successful Integration Process


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