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Downsizing Without Destroying

how to trim what your organization does rather than destroy its ability to do anything at all

by N. Dean Meyer

Book: Downsizing Without Destroying

Monograph that explains why conventional approaches to downsizing are destructive, and a sensible alternative that trims what an organization does rather than destroying its ability to do anything at all.

Okay, times are tough and you've got to cut costs. But there's a good way and a bad way to do so.

Cross-the-board edicts and high-level SWAT teams that make "surgical strikes" are the bad way.

Sure, they reduce spending; but they also decimate a company's ability to get anything done.

As costs are cut without considering the consequences, things fail randomly. As critical support functions become bottlenecks, even strategic endeavors fail.

Instead, cost cutting should focus on narrowing the number of things a company does, while ensuring that it devotes the resources needed to do those fewer things well.

This monograph explains how executives can trim a company's spending without destroying its ability to do anything.

Format: paperback, 21 pages. $7.95 US

Table of Contents....

FOREWORD: What This Monograph Is About   — 1

1. What Not To Do   — 2

2. Unwise Approach One: Cut Cost Factors   — 3

3. Unwise Approach Two: Slash and Burn   — 5

4. The Fallacy of Demanding Productivity   — 7

5. Rule One: Cut Entire Deliverables   — 9

6. Rule Two: Cut Entire Value Chains   — 11

7. Rule Three: Manage Indirect Costs Locally   — 13

8. Rule Four: Manage Your Portfolio   — 15

9. The Mechanics   — 18

10. Conclusion: The Role of Leadership   — 21

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