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Fast Track to Changing Corporate Culture

how to implement dramatic cultural change in less than a year

by N. Dean Meyer

Book: Culture

Monograph on how to drive dramatic changes in corporate culture in less than a year.

Organizational culture defines the way people work, addressing themes like integrity and accountability, teamwork, customer focus, entrepreneurship, empowerment, risk, and interpersonal relations.

While most executives recognize the importance of organizational culture, many shy away from tackling it directly.

That may be because of some common misconceptions:

"It takes a generation to change an organization's culture."

Not true. With the approach outlined in this monograph, an organization's culture can be changed dramatically in less than a year, with early results noticeable in a matter of months.

"Culture is amorphous; there's no way to change it directly."

In fact, culture can be explicitly designed by a leadership team. This monograph explains the process.

"The way to change culture is by preaching a set of core values."

As popular as it's been in recent years, the values-based approach has proven ineffective. This monograph explains why, and describes a more practical alternative -- the behavioral approach.

"Culture has to be addressed at the corporate level; there's nothing I can do within my department."

While every corporation has an overriding culture, each department within it has a sub-culture. Department leaders have both the right and the responsibility to ensure that their sub-culture is effective for their organization's mission.

This monograph defines organizational culture, demonstrates its importance, introduces the specific themes within a comprehensive framework, and overviews a practical process for driving cultural change quickly.

Format: paperback, 34 pages. $4.95 US

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage --- to move in the opposite direction."
Albert Einstein

Table of Contents....

1. The Power of Corporate Culture   — 1

2. What Is Corporate Culture?   — 6

3. The Key to Rapid Cultural Change   — 8

4. Themes Within Culture   — 13

5. Rapid Change Process   — 27

6. Culture In Action: The Leader's Tool-kit   — 32

Monograph: Fast Track to Changing Corporate Culture


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