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The Information Edge

how to discover opportunities, how to measure 'intangible' benefits, 60 case studies

by N. Dean Meyer and Mary E. Boone

Book: The Information Edge

How to find and measure the strategic benefits of information systems (with over sixty case studies).

In the era of the "digital enterprise," IT departments are expected to align themselves with corporate strategies, and produce breakthrough results.

And, of course, when budgets are tight, it can't hurt to prove the strategic value of IT.

Delivering strategic value requires two key methods:

1. Method to discover high-payoff, mission-critical opportunities that deliver competitive advantage.

2. Method to measure what some have mistakenly called the "intangible" strategic benefits.

Written at the dawn of the strategic use of IT, this book documents over 60 case studies where IT has had a strategic impact. And in each case, benefits were quantified.

It also documents those two methods -- opportunity discovery, and benefits measurement.

Even though this book has a long history, no other book has even come close to providing such accessible, practical, and effective methods of finding and measuring the strategic benefits of computing.

The Information Edge is the "handbook" of IT internal business consultants (BRM), and foundational to delivering the business value of IT.

Format: paperback, 406 pages. $19.95 US

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Book: The Information Edge

What people have said about the book:

Master the information age or go out of business, it's about as simple as that. No other book presents so many compelling, practical cases of those who have seized the information initiative. Jargon and obscure theory are delightfully absent. Regardless of the business you are in, you will find practical examples of immediate value.

Tom Peters
co-author of In Search of Excellence and A Passion for Excellence

An influential book on how to measure the business benefits of computers.

Information Week

The Information Edge leaves little doubt that appropriate use of information technology can give an organization a tactical and strategic advantage. An excellent book -- I recommend it without reservation.

M. H. Notowidigdo
Chairman, Committee on Information Management
Financial Executives Institute

An important first step in giving managers a framework to evaluate the value of information technologies. This book is especially useful for people who sense the importance of the technology but are unable to articulate those feelings.

The Washington Post

This book offers concrete examples of what has long been intuitively obvious: personal computers and access to information increases people's effectiveness and has a positive effect on the bottom line.

Amy D. Wohl
Wohl Associates

If I keep promising Congress productivity, they have every right to come back in a year and ask for headcount reductions. It's a never-ending downward spiral. This is the answer I've been looking for.

Charles (Rex) Hargraves
Associate Deputy Chief of Administration
USDA Forest Service

Used to implement [IT] in a strategic way, Meyer and Boone's information success factors are a natural and practical extension of the critical success factors method.

Dr. John F. Rockart
Director, MIT Center for IS Research

Meyer and Boone clearly outline how to employ information technology to achieve competitive advantage. Their approach is based on value-added benefits, how to identify them, and how to implement the right systems to attain them. Concept is transformed into an actionable implementation plan. There is no consultant voodoo here - the steps are clearly articulated, reinforced with examples, and are supported with facts and numbers. Three of the four appendices expand this material by providing needs assessment and measurement interview guides, and expected values.

Mike Tarrani
Amazon Top 50 Reviewer

Meyer and Boone's Strategy Tree Planning Methodology offers concrete ways to link the use of information technologies with business strategies, including the use of computer technology in carrying it out. A welcome addition to a fine book.

Paul Berger
President, Society for Information Management


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