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Suggestions for Introducing N. Dean Meyer

Introducing Dean Meyer

Introducing Dean Meyer

We talk a lot about transformation.

But to be a transformational leader, we have to be able to
explain where you're going -- transformation to WHAT?

And you have to plan a strategy that deliberately gets you there.

Well, I'm pleased to introduce a guy who has a
compelling vision of the "to what."

He's one of the earliest proponents of the
"business within a business" paradigm
where every manager is an entrepreneur
running a small business.

And he can explain that vision with great clarity.

Beyond that, he's spent over 35 years
studying and implementing that vision

What struck me as so powerful was that
he treats organizational leadership as a science --
engineering the organizational systems
that drive performance.

He can trace symptoms to their organizational root causes.

And he can explain how to engineer things like your
organizational structure,
and resource-governance processes

I find it fascinating how he can
challenge you with breakthrough thinking,

Then translate it into solid principles and frameworks,

And apply that to the real world,
right on down to nitty-gritty pragmatics.

And his passion for his work always comes through.

Dean is the author of 8 books,
the most recent being Principle-based Organizational Structure...

He's a former columnist for CIO Magazine...

He's a coach to CIOs...

And Dean is the strategist behind
countless actual organizational transformations...

We've invited Dean here to talk about....

Please welcome Dean Meyer.


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