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Speech Abstract: The Strategic Value of IT

how IT can deliver strategic value -- again and again

NDMA Services: Information Edge

Speech Abstract

There's so much that IT can contribute to enterprise strategies. It's not just keeping the lights on and cost savings. IT should contribute directly to business strategies -- indeed, it should enable business strategies that otherwise would be impossible.

This is the essence of the "digital enterprise" -- using IT to enable materially different business strategies.

But many self-imposed obstacles constrain IT's success. This workshop is not about describing an example or two of strategic systems. It's about how to eliminate those obstacles, and design an IT organization that delivers strategic value year after year.

Attendees will explore the "value chain" -- what it takes to deliver strategic value. Then, we'll derive from those steps the organizational processes that IT needs to have in place to deliver a continual stream of successes.

This workshop is for transformational IT leaders who want to leave the legacy of an IT organization that earns its "seat at the table" as a fundamental component of enterprise strategy.


  • The staircase of strategic value: types of value created by IT

  • What it takes to deliver strategic value: the "value chain"

  • Five fundamental organizational systems

  • The organization chart

  • Time and money

  • The entrepreneurial culture

  • The foundation of strategic value: your organizational strategy


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