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Speech Abstracts: Internal Market Economics

market economics drives the design of internal budgeting and demand-management processes

Book: Internal Market Economics

Leadership Team Workshop: resource-governance strategy development
brings a senior leadership team to consensus on a strategy to develop effective financial-management and resource-governance processes

Internal Market Economics
practical resource-governance processes based on principles we all believe in

Speech Abstract: Internal Market Economics

Internal Market Economics for Financial Executives
transforming the role of Finance from controller to strategic investment portfolio manager

Speech Abstract: Internal Market Economics for Financial Executives

The Big Picture
how all the pieces of financial governance processes fit together

Speech Abstract: The Big Picture

"I don't know if we were far-sighted or just lucky
to have implemented FullCost when we did, but
it sure paid off for us during this budget crisis."
Matt Frymire
CIO, Riverside County, CA

Poor Robert
the story of a CIO who followed industry "best practices"

Speech Abstract: Poor Robert

Investment-based Budgeting
submit a budget for what you want to "sell," not just what you want to spend

Speech Abstract: Investment-based Budgeting

Investment-based Budgeting for CFOs
how a different budget format can reposition Finance as strategic

Speech Abstract: Investment-based Budgeting for CFOs

"You can be certain that Meyer's concepts will expand your thinking. Whether public or private sector, applying market principles creates a systemic alignment of resources with customer priorities and expectations. Meyer provides the insight needed to bring best commercial practices and business acumen to government, a critical requirement with the realities of today's fiscal environment."
Karen E. Holcomb
Director of Strategic Business Operations
US Navy Air Systems Command

Performance Budgeting Made Practical
method and tools to link budgets to program results in government

Speech Abstract: Performance Budgeting Made Practical

"Dean probably has the best knowledge and depth
in the area of financial management for IT services."
Troy DuMoulin
VP of Research, Pink Elephant

Business Planning, Budgeting, Catalogs, and Rates
why these planning processes must be integrated, and how to do it

Speech Abstract: Business Planning, Budgeting, Catalogs, and Rates

Funding for Innovation
how to build a reliable source of funding for IT innovation and IT-enabled business innovation

Speech Abstract: Funding for Innovation

Change the Budget Process, Change the Culture
how investment-based budgeting can induce customer focus, entrepreneurship, and teamwork

Speech Abstract: Change the Budget Process, Change the Culture

Do More With Less — NOT!
a practical antidote to unrealistic demands

Speech Abstract: Do More With Less — NOT!

Strategic Cost Cutting
how to trim what your organization does rather than destroy its ability to do anything at all

Speech Abstract: Strategic Cost Cutting

You Cost Too Much!
how to ensure fair comparisons to benchmarks and outsourcing

Speech Abstract: You Cost Too Much!

Portfolio Management
managing investments in internal support functions (such as IT) as one would manage a portfolio of financial investments

Speech Abstract: Portfolio Management

"...it was like a mini-MBA. It's given me grounding in finance and changed the way I manage my unit and approach my customers."
Cindy Mitchell
Director, Applications Engineering, University of Maine

Service Costing 101
everything you need to know to plan an implementation of service costing

Speech Abstract: Service Costing 101

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Know the Full Cost of Your Products and Services
how to convince your leadership team that you need to revamp your budgeting and costing processes

Speech Abstract: Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Know the Full Cost of Your Products and Services

Second-generation Cost Models
going beyond ABC, new product/service cost models improve accuracy and encourage entrepreneurship

Speech Abstract: Second-generation Cost Models

It's Not About Chargebacks
how to gain the benefits of market-based governance without chargebacks

Speech Abstract: It's Not About Chargebacks

Realistic Rates
how to calculate the true cost of your products and services

Speech Abstract: Realistic Rates


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