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NDMA Services: Restructuring Process

expert facilitation of every step in a proven, participative restructuring process that results in a new organization chart and maps new workflows

Book: Principle-based Organizational Structure

Dean Meyer can personally facilitate your restructuring processes, teaching each leadership-team workshop, facilitating decision making, and providing coaching between visits.

The first step in any restructuring is to design an implementation process tailored to your needs (including deciding the amount of help you need from Dean at each step).

"NDMA has taken its research beyond conclusions....
It has also provided a process to guide the executive through implementation.
Nowhere else was I able to find that kind of help."
Mel Hochhalter
Director, Information Services

Customization begins with the well-tested process described in the Reference Library.

In this process, every issue is addressed, in the right sequence. And a well-planned migration process minimizes disruption and effectively implements the change (without the usual tendency to fall back into old ways).

The recommended implementation process is participative. The Principles and Building Blocks make participation fact-based and objective, avoiding self-serving politics and unhealthy "horse trading."

By engaging your leadership team at every step, you benefit from their detailed knowledge of the work of the organization. At the same time, you capture hearts and minds, and build their deep understanding of and commitment to the new structure.

NDMA Products and Services: Restructuring Process

"Having the [implementation] process defined and facilitated freed our team to creatively define how we'll to best serve our clients and coworkers."
Preston Simons
Vice President, Information Systems
Rush Prudential Health Plans

Then, each workshop trains leaders in the relevant portions of the science of structure, and in the decisions they have to make at that step. Dean's expertise guides your team in applying the science of structure to your unique challenges.

There are numerous benefits of professional facilitation of your restructuring process, including:

  • Your decisions benefit from the expert's knowledge of the science of structure, helping you solve your unique challenges.

  • An objective outsider can help facilitate sensitive discussions, and ensure effective participation of your leadership team in a fact-based manner.

    "We couldn't have finished the process in a compressed time without Dean's tough facilitation, clear expertise, and arm's length objectivity."
    Matt Frymire
    CIO, Riverside County, CA

  • The well-defined schedule of workshops keeps the process on track.

  • The involvement of the expert builds staff's confidence in the new organization.

As you think about your planned restructuring, let us help you plan a meticulous implementation process.


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