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the new competencies you'll need at each of the 4 major career transitions

Dean has teamed with leading executive coach Barbara Healy to develop a framework of the new skills required at each of the major transitions in your career.

The Transitions ABCD framework considers four key transitions in the course of one's career:

  1. Student to team member: your challenge is survival in a very different world.

  2. To manager: now you must learn to get work done through others.

  3. To entrepreneur running an internal line of business: at this stage, you must learn business and entrepreneurial skills.

  4. To executive managing multiple lines of business: now organizational strategy is more important than technical or business skills.

At each of these transitions, we learn new things - new paradigms, new skills, and new behaviors. In parallel, we grow as people, both in terms of our political savvy and our personal power.

Of course, the lessons of the transitions are cumulative. For example, a leader who's running a line of business has been through transition C, but needs all the lessons of A, B, as well as C to succeed.

Most of us weren't conscious of all the things we needed to learn at each transition. As a result, we may have missed some lessons along the way.

Dean and Barbara use the Transitions ABCD framework to help leaders identify any gaps, and then develop a personal development plan to close those gaps.

Combining Barbara's focus on Transitions A and B and on personal growth, and Dean's focus on Transitions C and D and political strategies, they team to offer leaders whatever is needed in coaching and professional growth planning.


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