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FullCost Tool and Planning Method

The key to making internal market economics work is knowing the true, full cost of all your organization's products and services.

"Full cost" means not only direct costs, but a fair share of all indirect costs.

The full costs of projects and services are used during the budget process, to shift the dialog from micro-managing spending to business needs and investment opportunities.

Full costs are also needed for clients to make decisions about what they buy using their prepaid accounts.

The full unit costs (rates) of products and services are used to issue invoices, either for chargebacks or to decrement the prepaid accounts.

Rates also provide the best basis for benchmarking.

Value of departmental product/service costing to CEOs....

FullCost is the most advanced investment-based budgeting and service costing tool and method.

FullCost product

Video: Overview of FullCost
Overview of FullCost

a brief, factual video that explains the FullCost tool, where it fits, and how it compares to other financial management tools.
(12 min)

  • Investment-based budget: budget for what you plan to "sell" (products and services), not just what you plan to spend (traditional general-ledger codes).   MORE....

  • Catalog with rates.   MORE....

  • Pro-form P&L (profit-loss statement) by manager, cost center, business unit, product line.   MORE....

  • Cost towers benchmarking.

  • Transparent cost model (much more accurate than activity-based costing, but easy to use).   MORE....

  • Comprehensive reports for clients, CFO, CEO, CIO, leadership team, and finance managers.   MORE....

  • Easy upload to enterprise budget and general-ledger systems.   MORE....

FullCost includes both:

  • application software   MORE....

  • a step-by-step business planning process   MORE....

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FullCost Is NOT FullCost Is
A change in the enterprise budget process. * A change in how departments prepare and negotiate their budgets.
An enterprise budget aggregation system. The output of FullCost is uploaded into enterprise budget and G/L systems.
A tracking system such as a general ledger. FullCost is used to plan the year ahead, and explain what a budget does (and does not) pay for.

* With CFO approval, FullCost may become a enterprisewide planning and budgeting tool.
White paper on the various types of financial systems....

What tangible results come out of FullCost?.... FullCost: Tangible results

"FullCost represents the most sophisticated approach to an IT cost model I've yet come across."
Charles T. Betz
Research Director, IT Portfolio Management, EMA

How FullCost differs from other cost modeling tools....

Where FullCost fits in your financial systems architecture....

What does the FullCost product include?.... FullCost: What's in the package?

What does the FullCost software do?.... FullCost: Software capabilities

How does the FullCost planning process work?.... FullCost: Planning process

The cost of FullCost....

What's involved in implementing FullCost?....

Video demonstration of the process and software.... FullCost: Demonstration

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