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About NDMA

our approach, Dean Meyer's bio, fees, and resources for the press and conference hosts

NDMA Approach: NDMA's approach to consulting is facilitative. We "teach and facilitate" rather than the traditional "study and prescribe."

NDMA Approach

Biography: N. Dean Meyer: N. Dean Meyer is an expert in organizational structure, culture, and resource-governance processes -- all based on the business-within-a-business paradigm.

Biography: N. Dean Meyer

NDMA professional fees: NDMA (N. Dean Meyer and Associates Inc.) is transparent about its fees and terms, and never makes special deals, so that all clients are treated equally.

NDMA Fees and Terms

Press / Conference Hosts Resources: NDMA (N. Dean Meyer and Associates Inc.) resources for conference hosts and press: images, speech abstracts, logistics, how to introduce Dean Meyer.

Press / Conference Hosts Resources


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Speech abstracts

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