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Analysis: Common Symptoms of Resource-governance Problems

this list of common symptoms whose root cause is financial/budgeting/resource-governance processes to help you decide if change would be beneficial

by N. Dean Meyer

Book: Internal Market Economics

Here are some of the most common symptoms whose root cause is your resource-governance processes:

  1. You are expected to cut your budget and "do more with less."

  2. You struggle to defend your budget with little help from your clients.

  3. Customers expect more of you than you have resources to deliver (managing expectations).

  4. You lack adequate funding for critical investments in sustenance activities, infrastructure, and innovation.

  5. Your staff are reluctant to suggest innovative ideas for fear of being expected to deliver them without additional resources.

  6. Clients don't trust that you're frugal and equitable, perhaps for lack of financial transparency.

  7. You are accused of costing too much, perhaps for lack of perception of the value you deliver ("the black hole for money").

  8. You are compared unfairly to outsourcing or other benchmarks (not like-for-like), perhaps because costs are apportioned badly or your rates include things which vendors don't have to deliver.

  9. Clients are demanding control over your priorities; but steering committees aren't working well, either because they expect more than you can deliver or they make poor priority decisions.

  10. It's difficult to shift the investment portfolio from "keep the lights on" to strategic opportunities.

  11. You are caught in political controversies over the way you allocate your costs to the business.

  12. You don't understand your costs well enough to know where to save money.

  13. It's difficult to defend your rates or allocation formulas.

  14. You are trapped in the wrong dialog with the business -- defending your costs instead of exploring strategic investments.

  15. Managers aren't focused on financial performance metrics, and don't take responsibility for the cost of their services; so they require oversight.

  16. You are seeking a way to develop a culture within your organization of teamwork, customer focus, accountability, and proactive entrepreneurship.


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