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Book: Principle-based Organizational Structure

Analysis: Common Symptoms of Organizational Structure Problems

this list of common symptoms whose root cause is organizational structure can help you decide if restructuring would be beneficial

by N. Dean Meyer

Here are some of the most common symptoms whose root cause is organizational structure:

Book: Principle-based Organizational Structure

  • Confusion about who does what; redundant efforts; territorial disputes; internal competition; political tensions

  • Unclear individual accountabilities for results; staff who are task or process (rather than results) focused

  • Poor individual performance; people going too many ways at once; jobs which are too big for most people to succeed; a need for all "A players"

  • Difficulties with cross-boundary teamwork; slow response to new challenges; an organization of independent "silos"

  • Lack of customer focus; weak or strained relationships with customers; initiatives which are product or technology (rather than business) driven

  • Lagging in innovation; lack of accountability for planning and creating the future

  • Lack of entrepreneurial spirit; staff aren't creative, and don't take initiatives to improve their businesses

  • Low morale and motivation; disempowerment; dead-end jobs; cynicism


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