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Speech Abstract: An Organization Made of a Network of Internal Entrepreneurs

stretch your thinking with a vision of a high-performing, empowered, innovative organizational design

Book: Principle-based Organizational Structure

Speech Abstract

Entrepreneurs love their jobs. They work hard. They're creative. They're laser-focused on results. And they feel a real sense of purpose in delivering products and services that benefit others.

They're also really good at teamwork. They have to be. A small business depends on partners (vendors) to deliver all the services it can't make for itself.

Doesn't this describe exactly what we want within our organizations, even those which are departments within a greater enterprise?

This presentation describes leading thinking on organizational design, where every group in the organization thinks and acts like a business within a business. It defines a framework of all the lines of business that exist within organizations. And it describes a dynamic teamwork process that assembles just the right talent from across the organization for each deliverable, with clear individual accountabilities and a single point of accountability for the whole.

One of the most important jobs of a leader is creating an organization in which everyone can perform brilliantly. Great organizational design starts with a vision of the end-state. Begin developing your vision here.


  • Why entrepreneurs love their jobs

  • Why not bring entrepreneurship inside organizations?

  • Framework: the lines of business within organizations

  • Walk-throughs: a dynamic teamwork process based on empowerment and internal entrepreneurship

  • The real meaning of "transformation"


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