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Speech Abstract: High-performance Teamwork

hint: it's not about teambuilding or process engineering!

Book: Fast Track to Changing Corporate Culture

Speech Abstract

How do we ensure that groups across an organization team well?

Team-building isn't the answer. The obstacles to effective teamwork are rarely poor personal relationships or lack of trust. Typically teamwork breaks down due to systemic factors, such as mis-aligned priorities, or unclear accountabilities and contention for control.

Process engineering isn't the answer either. Rigid, pre-defined processes presume a stable, well-structured "assembly line." But for most organizations, this isn't the case. Each project or service has unique requirements, and a unique sequence of tasks.

The challenge is to get just the right talent working together on every team, regardless of where staff report; to define a clear process tailored to the needs of the project; and to define clear individual accountabilities and a clear chain of command within each team.

This session explains how to make great teamwork happen consistently. It describes a "meta-process" -- a process for generating well defined, but tailored, processes for each unique project or service. It identifies other systemic problems in your organization that may be impeding teamwork. And it suggests a practical first step toward high-performance teamwork.


  • Definition of high-performance teamwork

  • Why teamwork breaks down

  • The business-within-a-business approach

  • The lines of business within every organization

  • Walk-throughs: putting teams together through subcontracting

  • No silver bullet: other obstacles to teamwork

  • A simple first step to high-performance teamwork


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