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Speech Abstract: Myth of the Super Project Manager

why we think we need superheros and how to be great at project management with the people you already have

Book: Principle-based Organizational Structure

Speech Abstract

Complex projects involving multiple groups within an organization create tough coordination challenges.

Some believe that the answer is a small group of "super project managers" who take over any project deemed too tough to be handled by a single group.

There are serious problems with this approach. Aside from the obvious expense and shortage of super-heros, these project managers disempower and demotivate other groups. And, of course, this approach isn't scalable -- it doesn't address the challenge of managing smaller projects, less visible but still important.

There is a better approach: Just like in the real world, concepts from market economics can assemble a diverse team of specialists and coordinate them so as to get products to consumers.

This session will explain how organizations can use the business-within-a-business paradigm to effectively coordinate any and all projects. And in that context, it will define the proper role of project-management experts.


  • Why depending on super project managers isn't a good idea

  • The alternative: the market approach

  • Step one: defining internal lines of business

  • Step two: walk-throughs

  • Proper role of project-management gurus

  • A practical way to get started


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