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Speech Abstract: Accountabilities: Who's Got the Ball?

how to sort out who's accountable for delivering what in your organization

Book: Principle-based Organizational Structure

Speech Abstract

"I'm the lead on that project." "No way, that's my territory!"

"I thought you were doing this." "No, it's your job!"

Battles for control, redundant efforts, things falling through the cracks -- these are all symptoms of unclear accountabilities within an organization. Fuzzy accountabilities generate stress, undermine teamwork, and risk the performance of the entire organization.

Forget about "roles and responsibilities" and old-fashioned job descriptions. Don't worry about deciding who does what (as in RACI diagrams).

The key to establishing clear accountabilities is to define who produces what -- to define exactly what business each group is in.

This session will describe a framework of the various lines of business within every organization, and a straightforward process for deciphering your organization chart in terms of the businesses within your business.


  • The problems of fuzzy accountabilities

  • Why traditional job descriptions don't help

  • The business-within-a-business approach

  • Framework of the businesses within any organization

  • How to decipher who's in what businesses in your organization


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