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Speech Abstract: Structuring a Multi-product, Multi-country Company

Product-line business units? Country business units? Is there a better way?

Book: Principle-based Organizational Structure

Speech Abstract

You have multiple lines of business, and you're doing business in multiple countries. Or you're growing into new product-lines or new locations.

What's the best way to organize? Business units by lines of business? Business units by country? Both? Is there a better answer? (Yes, there is.) The ideal answer for your company can be decided by understanding the organizational dynamics at work, and what it takes to build a really high-performing organization that delivers the best of all these competing objectives.

This 2-hour webinar explores how to organize in order to grow and scale across multiple product lines in multiple countries.


  • The spectrum of possibilities

  • Simple: independent business units

  • Baby step: shared-services business office

  • Highest performance: shared-services everything

  • How to implement a new structure (and operating model) -- a participative process


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