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Speech Abstract: The "Founder Bottleneck"

overcoming obstacles to growth by building a mature, scalable, empowered, entrepreneurial organization

Speech Abstract

You've successfully grown the firm to this point, but now it feels like you're running into constraints to further growth.

The problem is not business strategies, products, or talent. If it were, you wouldn't have gotten this far.

The problem is that your organizational operating model isn't scalable. And a critical part of that is that too much depends on you. You've become the bottleneck to growth!

You see, when the company was small, you knew everything going on in every corner of the organization. You were positioned to decide strategies, set priorities, form and lead teams, and oversee everything.

But now, no matter how many hours you put in, there's not enough of you to go around. People are waiting in line for your decisions. You're the bottleneck. You've become the constraint to growth.

Meanwhile, and equally harmful, you're not giving your people a chance to grow and perform. You're wasting precious minds. And you're not developing the next generation of leaders.

You know you need to empower your team and delegate more. But you can't risk chaos. The organization needs enterprise coordination and control.

The crux of the problem is this: Right now, you are that coordinating mechanism. And you can't just stop doing it. That would lead to chaos.

Of course, you want to stay in control of major decisions like strategies, key hires, and big investments. But you need to rise above the day-to-day.

To do that, you need to install mature organizational processes. But you can't afford to bury the company in bureaucracy.

This presentation tells you how to build a scalable organization with mature processes that actually enhance your entrepreneurial culture. It gives you the blueprint to rise above being a "cog in the machine" and become the designer of the machine.

100-word version....

Speech Abstract: The "Founder Bottleneck"

50-word version....

Speech Abstract: The "Founder Bottleneck"


  • The problem of the "founder bottleneck"

  • It's not about strategies, products, or people

  • The crux of the problem: coordination and control

  • Two pillars of organization design

  • Mechanics: the organizational ecosystem

  • The five organizational systems

  • Organizational strategy

  • Four types of leaders


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