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Principle-based Organizational Structure

List of Case Studies

Book: Principle-based Organizational Structure

  • A CEO Who Has Applied the Principles of Structure

  • Combining Invention and Operations: Airline

  • Combining Sales and Coordination: Higher Education

  • Process Owners

  • The CFO Who Mandates Others' Budgets

  • Customer Service Held Accountable for Resolving Incidents

  • Mandating "How" Instead of "What"

  • Customer-centric Structure

  • Vague Domains -- IT Infrastructure versus Enterprise Architecture

  • Gaps -- Layers of Engineering

  • The Evils of Roles and Responsibilities

  • Structure by Clients' Business Processes

  • The Governance and Client Liaison Group

  • Combining Invention and Operations: IT

  • Combining Invention and Operations: Corporate Acquisitions

  • Benefits of Separating Purpose-specific Solutions from Components

  • Process-centric Groups

  • Safety Group that's Accountable for Safety

  • Managers as Client Liaisons

  • Decentralization: Manufacturing Plants

  • Decentralization: Design Engineering

  • Decentralization: IT

  • Plan-Build-Run

  • New Versus Old

  • Quick Versus Slow (Bi-modal)

  • The Pool

  • Holacracy: Disempowerment of Management

  • Good Reasons for the Wrong Basis for Substructure: Sales by Product Type

  • The PMO that Manages Projects

  • Chief Compliance Officer Accountable for Compliance

  • What Not to Do to Improve Teamwork

  • Silo Organization: Manufacturing Plants and Scheduling

  • Transformational Benefits


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