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Speech Abstract: How Organizations Should Work

a high-performing organization where the hierarchy houses a network of empowered internal entrepreneurs

Book: How Organizations Should Work

Speech Abstract

Imagination is the first step in invention.

Imagine an ideal organization.... One that performs brilliantly by any measure -- operational excellence, customer delight, and innovation. One that attracts top talent without necessarily paying top dollar. One in which everybody, at every level, thinks and act like an empowered internal entrepreneur, living in an organizational ecosystem that automatically aligns everybody's priorities and induces great teamwork.

A clear vision of the ideal (the end-state) is essential to being a transformational leader.

In addition, as Teddy Roosevelt said, "Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground." Equally essential is knowing the practical mechanics of designing and implementing that kind of organizational operating model -- how to "program" your organization to work according to your vision.

This presentation helps transformational leaders clarify their visions, communicate them to inspire change, and implement a new organizational operating model. It can help you build a high-performing organization that's supplier-of-choice to its customers and employer-of-choice to its staff -- and leave the legacy of an organization that prospers long after you're gone.

100-word version....

Speech Abstract: How Organizations <I>Should</I> Work

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Speech Abstract: How Organizations <I>Should</I> Work


  • Imagine an ideal organization.... What's it like to work there?

  • Five organizational systems that comprise an "organizational operating model"

  • How to plan a transformation road-map, with your leadership team

  • Four types of leaders; which are you?


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