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Outlining Software: HyPerform
a re-creation of the original high-performance thinking tool from the lab that invented the mouse and windowing

The most powerful outline editor, based on Doug Engelbart's iconic "Augment" system developed in the lab within SRI that invented the mouse, windowing, hypertext, and electronic publishing. An incredibly powerful thinking environment that actually enhances your conceptual-structuring abilities.

In 1962, Doug Engelbart began his pioneering research on how computers can augment human intellect. There, he invented the mouse, windowing, hypertext, electronic publishing -- all components of the most powerful set of thinking tools to date, a system called Augment.

"This is an exact replica of all the basic features of Augment, with a few very nice enhancements that are entirely aligned with my father's design philosophy."
Christina Engelbart
Executive Director and Co-Founder, The Doug Engelbart Institute

HyPerform is a re-creation on a modern platform of the core capabilities of this never-matched classic.

This is not merely a historical icon. HyPerform is considered by many to be the most powerful tool for thinking, editing, and outlining available today.

More on the concept, history, and purpose of this software.... HyPerform: Windows Version of Doug Engelbart's Iconic "Augment" System

Summary of capabilities:

  • High-end outline editor.
  • Hypertext.
  • High-speed navigation through information space.
  • Multiple windows for cross-file editing.
  • Group collaboration support.
  • Content filtering.
  • Automated formatting.

What you might do with HyPerform:

Software: HyPerform

STRUCTURE YOUR THOUGHTS: You might gather scattered thoughts into a structure -- be it for a speech, article, white paper, proposal, report, or research project.

COMMUNICATE CLEARLY: For documents that must be carefully phrased, you can fine-tune conceptual flow as well as wording to communicate clearly and precisely.

ORGANIZE TEAMS: Teams can brainstorm, organize ideas, break projects into subtasks, track individual contributions and changes, and monitor activities and accountabilities.

DEVELOP LARGE DOCUMENTS: You may build and manage large, complex documents -- such as books, studies, documentation, web sites, and software -- individually or with coauthors.

MANAGE TEXTUAL DATA: Groups might maintain and access shared, structured textual databases -- such as policies, procedures, plans, research notes.

CLEAR THINKING: You can use this structured writing environment to develop your own acumen or coach others in clear, well-structured thinking.

Contact us to order:

Format: Windows software. $149 US

Technical requirements:

  • A Microsoft Windows (tm) operating system (32-bit only).
  • 1 meg of disk space for the software.
  • A mouse, ideally three buttons.
  • Optionally, a keyset.

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