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élysée Parthenon Bi-color

élysée pens
a comprehensive guide to elysee pens,
including identification guide, history, and gallery

elysee fountain pens are known for their elegant designs, balance in the hand, jewelry-level German craftmanship, deep Chinese lacquer, and smooth writing.

I've owned an elysee Parthenon Bi-color fountain pen since 1992. Recently, I began researching (and collecting) them.

BOOK (PDF): Click here for my book on how to identify elysee pens, the history of the marque, and a gallery of all models of these beautiful pens....

This is a work in progress. I periodically update this document (so if you save anything, save the link to this page rather than the document itself).

I'm eager to acquire scans of old catalogs and price lists to pin down dates. When dates are in my notes, they're only as close as I could document with hard evidence.

I'd also like to meet other elysee collectors and experts.

Please contact me if you share my passion for these beautiful pens, or if you'd like help identifying, buying, or selling an elysee pen.

Email: Dean@ndma.com

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