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NDMA's Library of Organizational Design

NDMA   (N. Dean Meyer and Associates Inc.) is a research, publishing, and consulting firm focused exclusively on organizational design. We help executives develop high-performing organizations based on the business-within-a-business paradigm, where every manager thinks and acts like an entrepreneur running a small business.

Why the business-within-a-business paradigm is so compelling....

Executive Summary: The Business-Within-a-Business Paradigm

NDMA treats the design of organizational structure, workflows, resource-governance processes, and culture as an engineering science.

Four strategic vectors of leadership, and what "organizational strategy" is....

Dean Meyer's research and consulting experiences span 35 years. He's the author of eight books.

Dean Meyer's biography....

Biography: N. Dean Meyer, NDMA Inc.

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This web site provides executive summaries and an extensive free library on the topics of organizational structure, resource-governance processes, culture, and transformations.

Index of topics on this web site....

Overview: NDMA Services

It also describes NDMA's consulting and executive coaching services, publications, and speeches.

SPECIAL: Brainstorming the "new normal," impacts of Covid-19 on office work....


Principle-based Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

"Look at any organization chart and know who's fighting with whom, who's not making objectives, and who has ulcers!"

Structure is not a matter of intuition, fads, or personalities. It's an engineering science, with firm principles and constructs.

And there's more to structure than just an organization chart. Cross-boundary teamwork processes must be designed into the structure, or else the best structure will revert into silos of self-sufficient generalists.

A well-designed structure induces specialization and competence, teamwork, accountability for results, innovation, and performance in every function within the organization.

Executive Summary: Organizational Structure

Internal Market Economics

Resource Governance Processes

"We all believe in market economics in the real world. So, why do we drop our common sense when we walk in the office door!?"

Resource-governance processes include budget planning, demand management (prioritization), and financial reporting. They determine your budget, and executives' understanding of what they can expect for a given level of funding. They also build trust through transparency, facilitate alignment, and can be transformative for your staff.

An effective system of resource-governance doesn't have to be bureaucratic when it's designed around principles of market economics. (And by the way, it does not require internal chargebacks.)

Executive Summary: Budgeting and Resource-governance Processes

Changing Corporate Culture

Organizational Culture

"Some say it takes a generation to change corporate culture. Not true! With a behavioral approach, you can accomplish major change in less than a year."

Organizational culture is a mixture of two related things: (1) values/attitudes/beliefs/feelings, and (2) behaviors/habits/practices.

As a leader, you can't tell people what to value or how to feel. But you certainly have every right to define expected behaviors.

Clear, actionable behavioral principles can be taught, modeled, and measured, leading to rapid culture change.

Executive Summary: Corporate Culture

Book:  RoadMap

Organizational (Transformation) Strategy

"If you get your organizational strategy right, your entire organization will take care of business strategies forevermore."

Organizational strategy is more fundamental than business strategies. And it's more lasting.... A great leader leaves the legacy of an organization that can succeed, with or without her.

Organizational strategy plans a series of changes in the "ecosystem" -- the system of influences that guide staff. Each step solves pressing problems and improves the organization's performance; and together, they add up to your vision of a highly effective organization.

Executive Summary: Organizational Strategy and Transformation Processes


"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage --- to move in the opposite direction."
Albert Einstein

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